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Our Team…  (If you are an accomplished Gamer looking for a sponsor click the envelope and send an email to discuss the opportunity)

  • The Boy Dubbas
    The Boy Dubbas Member, Team Gamer Optics

    Juan Mendoza was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He’s always had a passion for gaming and is now taking the step to stream that passion. Juan’s currently playing Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and more.


  • 2GGaming
    2GGaming Member, Team Gamer Optics

    An ESports organization known world wide for its Smash Bros roots. Most known for event organization, they play an influential role in the Smash scene, driving story telling and community growth. Expanding into the Fighting Game Community, 2GG hopes to continue growing into other ESports scenes.

  • Cedge
    Cedge Member, Team Gamer Optics

    Cedric Hyon, AKA Cedge, is a top commentator of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments all across the globe. He has worked on many different events including Smashfactor 6, Genesis 5, the 2GG Championship, and more. He is also a variety streamer on Twitch with a focus on audience interaction. In the future he has plans to commentate for more games in the FGC, starting with Street Fighter or Rivals of Aether.

  • Edman Urias
    Edman Urias Member, Team Gamer Optics

    Multi-lingual and International esports commentator, “nursemaid”, is sharing his passion for Super Smash Bros. by making appearances as a featured talent for Global events such as 2GG Sagas, Smash Factor 6 (MX), Smash The Record, and Genesis 5. Edman is looking to broaden his horizons by extending his reach to other esports and FGC games while sharing his love for video games as a Twitch streamer.


  • Larry Prugh
    Larry Prugh Owner

    Retail sales representative for the Blue Aspis line of glasses distributed by Blue Shark Optics. Thirty-Two year US Army veteran. Successful Semi-Professional poker player, who participates yearly in the WSOP.

  • Nathan Dowland
    Nathan Dowland Southwest Senior Retail Sales Representative

    Blue Shark Optics Team Pro; WSOP media and Host of the show “Highly Legal” for Grew up in the 80s playing on Atari, Nintendo, and Commodore 64s in mega sessions and has stayed relevant to new technology throughout the evolution of EGaming. Recognized early the need for Blue Blocker technology because of eye strain, which is no longer a problem for him because of his use of Blue Aspis glasses.

  • KOrean @ SoCal
    KOrean @ SoCal Member, Team Gamer Optics

    Charles Thoren, AKA KOrean @ SoCal, is a player and commentator for Smash Bros for Wii U. He is a commentator for local as well as national Smash events. He is also an accomplished coach for Smash Bros for Wii U. Several of the players he has coached are on the current PGRv4 including K9, Nakat, Cosmos, Elegant, and VoiD. His coaching is open to anyone and if you want to know more details about it check out the graphic:


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