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LP Optics, a division of Gamer Optics LLC, is devoted to working with foundations, schools, the military, and major corporations that are concerned about the Health & Wellness of their students, service members, and employees who consistently work with electronic devices and are exposed to the blue light that is constantly emitted from those devices. ALL electronic devices emit blue light and research has shown that blue light is harmful to eyes and brains, and, long-term, likely affects our Circadian Rhythms. Blue light also affects sleep duration and Neurologists have stated that research shows blue light can trigger migraine headaches. LP Optics will work with any organization committed to education, our service members, and Health & Wellness programs by seriously discounting our glasses for bulk or retail sales.

A Complete Line

of Children’s Eye Wear

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is conducting research on adolescent addiction to video gaming, sleep problems, and screen time. While our glasses cannot do anything to deter the popularity of video gaming, the fact that they block over 90% of blue light reduces several of the health concerns being researched by NIH.

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