Our innovative

Specialty Lenses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Designed for the Road Warrior!

Lenses that automatically adapt to light conditions. They darken when the sun is out, and lighten when the light is low. They activate inside your vehicle… or out. Superior vision without straining or eye fatigue. With a special mirror that hides your eyes and gives you that bad ass look!

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Designed for the Pro Poker Shark!

Our Crystalion3 lens formula allows your to see better in the dark and up your poker game. Don’t let your opponents see your eyes and get clear crisp vision at the tables. Our Pro Poker Eyewear is exactly what you need to take your game to the next level!

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Prescription Blue Light Blocking Glasses

One Pair of Glasses for Every Occasion

Our Blue Aspis computer lenses are not available in prescription form. But, those who need prescription lenses can now take advantage of this new product: A main frame with your Rx and an attachment with Blue Aspis lenses.

One frame with several options available for different functions.

Our prescription lenses are available in both Single Vision and Progressives and come with our Blue Aspis, blue light blocking lens attachment.

GO is not the manufacturer of the prescription glasses; manufactured by Blue Shark Optics, a brand of Blackstone International LLC.


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