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  • These glasses are very helpful to my children. They wear them to do their homework, play games, and watch television. They fit well and are comfortable.

  • Absolutely love these for my kiddos! My youngest has very sensitive eyes and they have drastically helped him while playing on his iPad.

    Shell P.
  • Larry, I have to tell you that I have used Blue Blocking glasses in the past.  These typically blocked 30-40% of blue light.  I never really thought that they did much of anything. Then we found your products.  I will tell you that both my 14 yr old son and I have had a radical change in our sleep patterns. I have a lot of screen time right up until bedtime. He is off the charts as 75% of his school work is on the iPad. We are both wearing the glasses for the last few hours before sleep. When we turn off the lights and take them off we are both in a dead sleep within about 10 minutes. Max is in a top flight school. Lots of work and lots of pressure. He told me on Sunday night that the glasses are having a good effect. He is sleeping longer and he feels it is higher quality sleep. I personally am less tired during the day. Awesome!!

    Vincent D'Addona
  • Glasses have changed my life. Working in front of a computer screen all day, I can tell when I don’t have them on I get headaches. When I wear them I’m dialed in, on task and can read everything clear. There is no competition. The cheap ones on Amazon don’t work. These really enhance my life.

    Chris Moran

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